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Welcome to my personal blog. This was once mostly a technology blog, but the Webvanta blog now serves that purpose. Here, you’ll find random thoughts about life, gardening, and more, with just a little bit of technology from time to time.

My Wife Made Me Do It

The last time was in 1972.

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Last January, we adopted Rio, a wonderful golden retriever. Here's our first picture of him, at the Homeward Bound rescue facility:

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Analy Cheer Wins 2nd Place at Regional Competition

Amanda is one of the "flyers" on Analy High School's varsity cheerleading squad. They won second place in the regional competition today in their division.


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My Mother's Childhood Homes

My wife Irene and I recently spent a week on the east coast, starting in Washington DC for my newphew Oliver’s wedding, and ending in Bennington, Vermont.

Along the way, we spent a couple days in Philadelphia, where my mother grew up. The major historical sites were closed, thanks to our dysfunctional government, so we decided to pursue some personal history.

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Our Bedroom Garden

Clearly, the people who designed the 1959 house we bought last year did not share my priorities.

Not a single room in the house had a door to the back yard, and all the windows facing the yard were two-foot-high windows that started five feet above the floor.

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